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Jay Walker 4th Grade Noir: The Case Of The Missing Action Figure

Author: Grant R. Philips
Genre: Children's Mystery
Reviewed by Kevin R. Tipple

10080403For Jason Walker, forth grade student and son of a police officer, school occupies just part of his day. Sometimes he helps his fellow students solve mysteries and like any good private investigator or police officer, he keeps things quiet.

Which is precisely why Benny comes to him for help, as he does not want anyone at school to know about his problem. Benny brought a very special action figure to school and now it is missing. Named "Daisy Flyer", the doll, or as Benny prefers to call it, the action figure, is very important to him and if his classmates found out, he would never hear the end of it. Not only is it missing but apparently it has been toy napped and is being held for ransom in the form of an extremely valuable playing card from a popular series. If Benny does not give in to the ransom demand on a poorly spelled note, the entire school will be told about Benny's action figure.

Walker is on the case and with an occasional observation that reads a bit old for him; he diligently begins to sift clues and suspects. What follows is a very enjoyable read and on the level of the Encyclopedia Brown series of my youth. Phillip Tomasso III, writing here as Grant R. Philips, can always be counted on for books featuring interesting plots, characters and plenty of action along with a very good story. Such is the case here in this children's novel which is simply a great read. Hopefully, this is the start of a series as this novel is a success for young readers and adults.


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